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Child-resistant Packaging Film

AL/PE suppository aluminum is becoming increasingly popular due to its excellent performance and high-end appearance. The materials are divided into two types: peel type and tear type, and different materials are selected according to the different properties of the suppository.



Tropical Blister Foil | Cold Forming Foil | PTP Foil | AL/PE Laminated Strip Pack

  • Description
  • The utility model relates to a chid protective medicine packaging Bister film, whichcomprises an aluminum fol layer, which is characterized in that a paper layer is compoundedon the aluminum foll layer. The breaking strength of the composite material of the utilty modelis greater than the conventional 20 micron hard aluminum fol, so that children are not easy tocrack when playing with it, resulting in the misuse of drugs: at the same time, adults can stilopen it easily. The edge of the materlal is soft and won't scratch the soft skin of children.



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