More strict Pinhole rate controlling make the printing more bright, VC coating more smooth. PTP Foil is a normal product,but we try to make it special.

Cold stamped aluminum is a composite packaging material with excellent barrier properties, with a high-end appearance and excellent moisture resistance. However, as a cold stamping forming material, during the stamping packaging process, the phenomenon of blister breakage and layering also objectively exists, resulting in low production failure rate, serious material waste, and more importantly, posing hidden dangers to drug quality.

Tropical aluminum packaging is not a substitute for cold formed aluminum, but rather offers different packaging solutions tailored to the moisture-proof requirements and display effects of different drugs. The main difference between tropical aluminum and cold formed aluminum in terms of functionality is that its moisture-proof effect mainly depends on the heat sealing effect of the edges and PVC blisters. During the heat sealing process, the stability of the heat sealing temperature, the flatness of the heat sealing mold surface, and the uniformity of pressure all affect the heat sealing effect. In this case, the coating layer of tropical aluminum itself is even more important.

The main composite material is AL/PE, and different raw materials have different friction coefficients and tear properties. Based on the shape of the tablet and capsule, the most suitable material is selected to meet different characteristic requirements.

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